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If you love outdoor sports here is the guide to choose the 8 best thermal bottles

Between one excursion and the other you will need to provide the best thermal flask to suit your needs. Nowadays you can add to the many trips out of town the taste of having a unique thermos model at your fingertips, which will guarantee you the right temperature of your drink. 

Designed and designed specifically to better maintain the internal microclimate, today these devices offer a multiple variety, including different designs and as many styles, all designed to withstand shocks and to not release substances inside the product.

Let's see more precisely what these tools consist of, and how they help people.

The main feature is the maintenance of the temperature independent of the use that is made of it. So whether it is a water bottle or a shoulder bag the difference does not exist. These are instruments that must comply equally with certain specifications to ensure the highest quality of what is contained within. The maintenance of the temperature, whether hot or cold, derives from the composition of the materials minutely studied that together with other technical peculiarities make this instrument suitable for any occasion.

It is suitable for mountain tours and outings with friends characterized as an ecological tool, to the detriment of the classic water bottles. You can take it anywhere, thanks to the relatively large size, and the accessories provided, such as the shoulder straps that can support and cushion the weight of the thermos, making it convenient to carry. Compared to the first prototypes designed, the models currently in circulation are much lighter and more convenient from the point of view of transport but also from an organizational point of view. Handles and caps designed to make use more practical and hygienic.

On the market there are numerous models, which differ in size, material and price. Below we will investigate these details to clarify what are the key points to better buy a flask like that.


The material that is preferred in this case is steel. Resistant to the highest degree, it allows the adequate and intact preservation of everything contained in it. Attention, however, to the impact of strong impact, which are likely to affect and ruin it. In spite of this, steel remains the most used material and is recommended above all for the transport of food for children, since in addition to guaranteeing maximum thermal insulation it is also easy to clean.

Once the plastic was used, then replaced by the glass because with the sudden changes in temperature it released and still releases harmful substances inside the content. According to him, even glass seemed to be an excellent material, if it were not that its fragility constituted an insurmountable limit.

To this is added, the dangerousness of the same, that if broken could have damaged the person. Despite the many attempts made, with more resistant and scratch-resistant glass, you can not take this risk. A fortiori, therefore, the choice should be directed towards steel bottles.

Structure and size

The structure generally present in these devices provides a double wall interspersed with a vacuum which allows the preset temperature to be maintained. If you want to keep a particularly cold temperature, it will be good to put the container inside the frezeer a few seconds or fill it with cold water. This will guarantee to maintain the pre-established temperature, without any kind of changes, by placing the cold content inside a hot container.

On the other hand, where you need to keep the temperature high, you will need to fill the container with hot water, so as to heat the walls, which will then be hot when you add what you want to bring back.

If the need will require to keep the drink hot or cold for a limited period of time, the choice may be superficial, always taking into account the previous specifications. In case the need is relative to a longer time, then the choice must be made more accurately.

The dimensions change from model to model, and are related to the function that will be done. This is an important precaution because of the convenience of transport. The dimension must not be to the detriment of the inconvenience. Even in the case of a long journey, dealing with a model that is too large and far from practical is unthinkable. The dimensions vary: they are 300 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter. Models that exceed one liter are usually used in comfort settings. Obviously the best choice will depend on the availability you have of the resource.


Cleaning is always a sore point, because in this case it is not very simple. First of all we must remember that cleaning, although it may contain the same drinks and substances, must be cleaned at every use. The substances should not stagnate for too long, this to ensure even greater hygiene.

In addition, mechanical cleaning is simple, as it can be carried out with the classic dishwashing detergent and the brush. After you have dried the instrument you can reuse it.

However, they are not uncommon in cases where, for one reason or another, the device is not rinsed. This is not a problem, since as already mentioned the device is often used for the same substances, but it is advisable to rinse the cap from which it is drunk. In case the cleaning is not done much longer, there are many remedies that can make cleaning the device fast and effective.

One of the most used methods is the one with the dishwasher's detergent powder that will guarantee you an optimal cleaning, the same that you can also have with the denture cleaner. This can be placed inside the device with water and allowed to stand. After that you can proceed to a more minute cleaning by also helping you with the appropriate brush to clean the bottles.

Another solution that is part of grandmother's remedies is sodium and vinegar solution, which will help to degrease and disinfect the walls. Finally, the solutions that involve the use of sodium bicarbonate with hydrogen peroxide, or the single use of the same will ensure the cleanliness of the walls thanks to the effect of scrub that has this substance. Same for the ice and salt combination.

If it is difficult to define the best thermal flask par excellence, here below we will propose the most used and most suitable models to be used in the most varied situations. The market offers a range of possible solutions, for all kinds and for all tastes, able to satisfy even the most demanding needs. Let's see together what are the ten models that fall into the top ten of this guide.


A wide range of colors for this type of thermos, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing completely in stainless steel. The capacity is 500 ml, and the height of 26 cm. Equipped with a unique insulation technology, characterized by a double wall and a vacuum cap that keeps the temperature of the drink constant.

Laken, "Futura Thermo" thermal bottle

Simple and unique design for this bottle completely in stainless steel. An elegant style that ranges in four colors: red, black, white and silver. You can choose the one that suits you best, keeping in mind the containment capacity which is equal to 0.75 l.

Zefal 165B

Bottle well insulated, which allows in a sporty style, maintaining the temperature of the drink contained for about three hours. A unique and recognizable distance design, thanks to the electric blue color that covers the body of the device. Containment capacity of 0.75 l.


A real breath of fresh water for this device completely in stainless steel. Elegant and equipped with a large and comfortable mouthpiece that allows the optimal passage of liquids. It can be used for any activity and guarantees the temperature you like for 12 hours. Designed to be light and practical, it is great to take with you.

Kooyi Sports

In three variants: blue, silver red, the characteristic that distinguishes it is the cap. Always in a different color, it will give your bottle the casual character that promises itself. Containment capacity equal to 500 ml, contained in a double layer of stainless steel, separated by the vacuum.


The name is all a program for this innovative leak-proof device! They range in size from 350ml to 500ml, but can also be found in larger sizes, typically used by cyclists or hikers. They are dishwasher safe and suitable for all types of drinks, both hot and cold.


The fluorescent color of this Aomerly will surprise you particularly. This is a stainless steel model that will ensure the maintenance of the temperature at your convenience. Excellent for containing both hot and cold drinks, it has been designed for dynamic and always on the go, which will make this water bottle the bottle par excellence!

Brewberry SB30

The water-filled elegance for this device with two lids: one essential when you will be moving the other folding, which will make you comfortable the gesture of drinking directly from the device. The exterior is made of stainless steel, which will allow you to keep the drinks unaltered.

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