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Reptilian aliens: The shapeshift masters

No other alien species affects fear in the human psyche as much as the Reptile. These beings, similar to snakes in appearance and malevolent by nature, for many are stuff for nightmares. Is it possible that the reptilian or reptilian humanoids are the source of demons and demonic entities that have tormented humanity since the first story?

Many alien researchers and contactists postulate that these lizard creatures may have been the mythological characters mentioned in many ancient religious texts and popular beliefs.


There is a particular reverence for reptilian creatures in Chinese mythology. The Dragon Kings symbolize the power of the four elemental corners, transforming themselves into human beings at will, dragged by the celestial dragons in their heavenly carts.


Within the Islamic mythology, the Jinn are smoke-free creatures of fire that sometimes appear as snake-like beings; the Jinn were created by God and exist under the same rules of humanity.


Some researchers believe that extraterrestrial entities have influenced humans since the beginning of human history, creating cultural practices around their resemblance. Zecharia Sitchin believed that the Anunnaki of Sumerian mythology were an ancient ET race, controlling humans and using them as slaves to execute their orders.


There are also claims that the Genesis snake was actually a reptilian being, which convinced Eve to break her oath to God by tasting the forbidden fruit of knowledge.

These myths could be interpretations of reptilian humanoids, adapted to time, place and circumstance around ancient moments of contact?

Origin of the Reptilians

These creatures are thought to come from the Draco star system.

Physical characteristics

While some of these mythological creatures play benevolent roles within their society, the Reptilians encountered in modern abduction scenarios are generally cruel and negative beings. Standing with a height of 6 to 8 feet in height (1.80 - 2.40 cm.), Their most recognizable feature is their head similar to the snake, skin and eyes.

The adducts report a variety of skin colors ranging from brown to green, to red and sometimes to white. It is said that these colors and the presence of wings mean the rank among the Reptilians, with white-skinned beings seen as the elite class.
Their palms are three-fingered, with long, sharp claws, and they are often seen wearing armor or cloaks. Some adducts report scratches and bruises after a meeting. Reptiles are fourth and fifth dimensional beings.

The Reptilians in mythology

Communication methods

Many agree that a characteristic of the reptilian alien is an almost sadistic tendency to arouse human drama and fear. These beings use psychic communication and the abductees report that the Reptilians seem to intentionally manipulate human emotions.

This is achieved by using the emotional field created by the trauma as an energy source from which the reptilian is supposed to feed. Some can implant memories to project onto their subjects, creating false scenarios to hide an abduction event. It is also known that the Reptilians can access the human dreamlike landscape by attacking people on the astral plane. Reptilians are known to be shapeshifters, able to take on human forms.


Reptilians generally travel in a disc-shaped vehicle.

Intention on Earth

David Icke, a renowned reptilian researcher, has accused presidents, kings and queens of being aliens shapeless, intent on controlling resources on planet Earth to their advantage. Although the Reptile is often approached as a physical creature, some claim that these beings exist outside our dimension.

This would make their shapeshifter an immaterial manipulation of human consciousness. The reptilian creatures seem to be warlike beings, bent on conquest and control.

Common abduction scenario

There is not much evidence with positive Reptilians, and many abductions imply forced acts on the adduct. Some of these intrusions are of a sexual nature, leading researchers to the conclusion that a hybridization between man and reptile could be in place.

The abductees reported finding strange amphibious beings while they were on reptilian ships, but perhaps the truth of their intervention dates back even beyond recent meetings

The researchers hypothesize that human beings may have been genetically modified by these entities for thousands of years, torn from a peaceful evolutionary path by otherworldly forces and subsequently enslaved.

Darker voices go beyond genetic manipulation. Some believe that the Lizards cultivate humans as cattle to satisfy their apparent taste for earthly flesh.

Researcher David Icke

The abduction scenarios and contacts of the reptilian species seem to share similar experiences of psychic violence and manipulation. The most notable researcher of these creatures is David Icke, a former BBC sports correspondent who became an alien researcher, who says that the Reptilians are the source of many of the problems that afflict societies worldwide. Their goal is the domain of resources and all aspects of human life, from the physical to the psychosocial.

Icke believes that this elite ruling class, also known as the Illuminati, carries the vestiges of reptilian DNA from an ancient hybridization program.

These powerful rulers try to stay in power through all the necessary means. Icke's opinions on the Reptiles agenda are quite controversial and have been criticized by some as concealed racist underlining.

Are Reptilians intrinsically bad?

There are some who claim to have been in contact with peaceful reptilians, which leads to the question of whether an entire species could be classified as intrinsically evil. After all, humanity has its share of cruel and manipulative individuals, yet many people on Earth are of good character and appreciate love above hatred and destruction. See also: The Reptilian Aliens who they are, what they want and where they come from

Do you believe that the Reptilians are purely evil creatures? Have you had your experience with these extraterrestrials? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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