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4 ways to improve your life starting today

Changing our lives, improving it, shaping it according to our wishes is our daily choice. Each action is followed by a reaction. Are your actions consistent with the reactions you want?

"Life is like raw marble and we are the sculptors. We can sculpt our existence by making it something wonderful or we can make it something horrible: it's all in our hands. "

Cathy Better.

Last month the phrase " change life " was searched 14,800 times on Google. In the last 4 weeks, 14,800 people have hoped to find a response to a question that haunts them: how can I improve my life?

I can tell you right away that in this article you will not find any secret , cosmic law or ascetic practice to change your life; on the contrary you will find 4 practical ways to start improving your life starting today .

1. Become a devourer of words

More and more often I realize that friends, acquaintances, colleagues, have long since abandoned one of the most important habits to improve their lives: read .

As a blogger, defining reading as one of the most important habits to change one's life denotes a "very slight" conflict of interests, yet every change comes from an idea and often the best ideas come from the words read in a book, an article or a blog post .

To change your life you don't need to read only personal growth books : fossilizing yourself on a single kind of reading can be limiting. Explore authors you've never read, genres and topics you've never explored. The best ideas are often the application in a new sector of well-known concepts in another field.

How many books do you read in a month? Newspapers? Blog? If you want to start changing seriously, you have to allow new ideas to come into your life and you can start today: they just recommended this archive with more than 200 articles on personal growth ;-).

2. Create moments of emptiness

We are often obsessed with the idea of ​​having to fill every moment of our lives. What was the last time you took 10-20 minutes to reflect or meditate?

André ... but I have to work, I have to run from one side to the other, I can't stay scratching my shoulders for 10-20 minutes!

Sometimes we are so busy with our commitments that we do not even notice that we are running around empty : creating moments of reflection could be the most productive gesture of your day. Create the space in your agenda for these 10-20 minute vacuums, to dedicate to meditation, visualization or simple reflection.

You can use a guided meditation, you can visualize what you would like to become and what you would like to experience in your life, you can reflect on the events of your day, perhaps bringing them back to your personal diary .

The choice is up to you, but remember: when the waters of the lake are rough you will see nothing but the rippled surface, but when the waters of the lake are calm and transparent then your eyes can reach the bottom.

3. Stay in shape

If I had to say which was the best habit that I adopted this year, I would definitely say: doing sporting activity as the first gesture of the day .

What I appreciate about sports is not so much the effects on my body as those on my mind. When you train constantly: train your self-discipline , increase your productivity and your focus , create a general feeling of well-being and finally manage to give your day a different rhythm 

4. Improve your diet

They say we are what we eat. Guess what you will become if you continue to eat crap ? ;-)

I'm not a fixer with the diet: anything else. In just a few minutes, as soon as the article is finished, I will go to prepare an amazing carbonara pasta. Yet small improvements to our diet can guarantee us enormous benefits for our health .

If you have serious eating disorders, my advice is to go to an expert and avoid the many tricks that run on the net or in commercials. But if you feel the simple need to improve your diet, here are some eating habits I've been working on over the last few months that have proved particularly effective :
  • Replace snacks between meals with fruit .
  • Make yourself a cup of mixed seasonal fruit and honey to regain lost energy.
  • Learn to eat more fish and less red meat.

Hey ... I'm not a nutrition expert, remember that; but for common sense, fortunately, you don't need a degree yet!
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About Minh Hiếu

Le Minh Hieu is a national-level weightlifter and a Singapore Weightlifting sports performance coach. Hieu's biggest passion is helping everyone find confidence, happiness, and health through fitness.


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