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Car insurance: Our tips to save money

There are many companies operating in the insurance market. If we consider that each of them offers consumers auto insurance policies with rates that are constantly changing to keep up with the competition, it is easy to imagine how it is very difficult for consumers to find their way among the many car insurance so as to choose the one best suited to their own. needs.

Car insurance: Our tips to save money

If you have also purchased a new car and are looking for the policy that best suits you, or simply the conditions of your vehicle are no longer so advantageous, today we have decided to give you some advice on how to save on car insurance . Let's see below how it is possible to find the most convenient one in 3 simple steps . 

Save on car insurance: changing rca pays off!

As already mentioned, the insurance market is a particularly competitive market and so the companies offer promotions with lower costs or additional services to increase their customer base. The first advice we give you is therefore to always keep an eye on any discounts dedicated to new customers offered periodically by insurance companies.

A good solution to find the most convenient promotions can be to compare car insurance on SuperMoney , the online comparison portal that you can use to get an overview of what the insurance market offers. All you have to do is enter your personal details and the characteristics of your vehicle to find the policy with the most advantageous conditions in a few clicks and that best meets your needs.

In many cases, therefore, changing insurance can prove to be a winning strategy for saving considerable sums on the insurance contract. Furthermore, with the abolition of the tacit renewalin 2013, moving to a new insurance company has become even easier as it is no longer necessary to cancel the old policy contract to sign another one: you will simply have to wait for the expiry of the insurance stipulated in precedence .

Save money on RC cars: consider the idea of ​​choosing an online insurance

The second piece of advice that we would like to give you in order to choose the cheapest rca among those available is to consider the possibility of opting for an online car insurance . That is, an insurance product which, precisely because it can be subscribed exclusively via the web , allows you to enjoy advantageous economic conditions .

The online insurance companies, not using either physical or commercial agents, are in fact able to amortize so many of the costs , including those for managing the insurance policy. Only recommendation: if you decide to request an online insurance, make sure that a pre-selected accessory insurance has not been automatically included in your contract .

Once you have ascertained that the online RC car that you have taken into consideration does not provide for unwanted ancillary insurance, you can then begin to think about signing it, thus managing to achieve, quite probably, quite significant savings .

Save on car insurance: compare prices

Finally, after evaluating the possible active promotions of the moment and the possibility of insuring your vehicle with an online company, the next step will be to arm yourself with good patience and to compare these parameters with particular attention: price, ceilings and deductible.

As for the price , remember that the cheapest one is always the lowest one for the same services and guarantees offered. On the subject of the ceilings , on the other hand, it is important to know that the minimum set by law is 1 million euros for damage to property and 5 million euros for damage to people .

In many cases you can get important discounts, if you agree to install the famous "black box", which allows you to counter fraud, but also, in the most recent versions, to trace the profile of the driving style, which will be considered in future renewals,

Beware however of offers that are too tempting, online, but also in small Agencies, because scams are always lurking; make sure you are dealing with a known insurance and that you can be sure of its existence; in this respect the online comparison sites are a good choice, because the offers published by them are examined by professionals.

Lastly, we would finally like to inform you that in order to save money on car insurance, you will have to check if your insurance contract includes the option for a deductible . In many cases, the insurance companies offer the so-called overdraft allowance that allows you to get a reduction on the insurance premium (of some tens of euros) but always with the risk of being able to find yourself with an overdraft franchise several hundred euros.
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