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Nordic Track AB Instructions for use

AbWorks by NordicTrack is a comfortable and compact abdominal tool that supports the entire back while performing abdominal exercises. With variable resistance, your workouts can be as challenging as you want. Heat for at least five minutes with dynamic movements; and always do your abdominal exercises in a slow and controlled way. When you're done, it can be easily memorized by removing the handles and the yoke and then lowering the roller-pad assembly. Although it is no longer produced, AbWorks can be found for sale online.

Basic Crunch

To do a basic crunch, lie down on AbWorks and place your feet on the rollers or on the floor. Grab on the handles and, using your abdominal muscles, lift the entire upper part of the trunk from the shoulders to the back from the floor. Squeeze the abdominal muscles and hold for two seconds and return.

Oblique curls

You can work your obliques with two positions. The first position is to put one of your hands on the other forearm and turn your head in that direction. Grasp the handle with your free hand and keep your feet in the rollers. Bring your upper body from the floor and contract your abdominal muscles and hold for two seconds. Lower slowly. Work on the other side by moving your head and hand on the other side. The second position to work obliques is to hold the handles with both hands, but let both legs fall to one side, keeping the back flat on the pad. Perform the crunch from this position.

Curl on the contrary

To perform a reverse curl, you can have both feet in the rollers or one foot in the rollers and one on the frame or on the floor. Grasping the handles, pull the knees into the chest, also bringing the pads. Hold for two seconds and slowly return to the floor. With both feet in the rollers, you can also lift the upper part of the torso and turn towards the knee, performing an oblique curl while bringing the knees to the chest. Another option is to keep one foot planted on the ground and the other in the rollers.

Change the resistance

To change the resistance, you can change the settings on the square tube at the end of the unit from bottom to top. The hole closest to the unit is the lowest. The rollerbearing assembly allows you to change the resistance on three levels. The bottom hole is the easiest and the top hole is the most difficult. You can also move your head closer to the end of the pad to increase resistance or place your hands lower on the handles. Removing the height block located under the upper support will allow you to increase the range of movement.

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