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Six pack: 5 tricks to make your abs stand out

The tips to put into practice every day to make your abdominals stand out even more from training in the gym.

Six pack: 5 tricks to make your abs stand out

Do your abdominals seem soft despite the series of crunches you perform regularly in the gym? Here are the tricks to make them stand out to the maximum: without any effort, simply by changing some bad habit.

Keep your head up high

The more you stand upright, the more your abdominals stand out. Try this test suggested by Dr. Luca Bertini, orthopedist in Pisa: "Undress and stand with your back and heels resting on a wall. The points of contact with the wall must be 4: heels, buttocks, shoulders and neck. If not so , try to raise your chin and imagine pulling your navel towards the column ".

Walk straight ahead

"It favors the control of the pelvis and therefore of the abdomen. The trick is in walking, thinking of making the soles visible to those behind it: it facilitates the rotation of the foot and corrects the walk favoring the contraction of the abdomen", suggests Claudio Trachelio , Professor of Theory and Methodology of Training in Milan.

Breathe with the abdomen

There most of us can't breathe: we just do it "from the chest", not "with the abdomen", so it uses only 30% of its lung capacity. "This affects both the posture and the appearance of the abdominals," warns Bertini. Try this spontaneous exercise, which does not require a gym: breathe in by contracting your belly, and exhale slowly, completely emptying your lungs while relaxing your abdomen muscles.

Sit correctly

Stepshours at the desk? Take the opportunity to exercise. Davide Susta, professor of sports medicine in Dublin suggests: "Aim to form a 90 ° angle at the knees, hips and elbows. Keep the torso upright, with the pelvis resting on the backrest, and as you work train your turtle: alternate for the longest possible time 10 seconds of contraction of the abdominals at 10 of rest ".

Drink lots of water

"Ensure at least 8 glasses of water a day. But be careful: throw them down in small sips," warns Salvatore Marinelli, a physiotherapist in Milan. "If you drink all in one breath, with water you will inevitably gulp down even air, which inflates the stomach and ruins the sculptural aspect of your six-pack. You prefer the cold one, which gives an extra boost to the metabolism". At the table, then, limits the salt and foods that are rich in it (such as sausages), because they promote water retention and swelling: the more "dry" the skin cells are, the more evident your muscles will be.
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