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Vitamin B12: where is it and what are the benefits for health and beauty

Vitamin B12 gives many benefits to your health and your beauty. Among the main ones are cell growth, red blood cell renewal and health protection during pregnancy. Discover the properties of this valuable vitamin and which foods are richer.

We had not heard of it much before, but vitamin B12 is a powerful agent for our health and beauty. That's why it is often present in the most popular cosmetic formulas of anti-wrinkle creams and face creams in general: it stimulates the production of new cells and helps in the renewal of the blood, essential for optimal circulation and, consequently, a greater nourishment of the cells of the body. 

Vitamin B12 helps to keep the body healthy, helps against the symptoms of depression and insomnia and to keep the nervous system healthy. Combining it with the other main vitamins of a healthy diet such as vitamin C , vitamin D or folic acid(vitamin B9), you will create a real shield for unbeatable health and a body always full of vitality. 

Discover all the properties and benefits of vitamin B12 and take notes of the main sources in which to find this precious nutrient! 

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All the properties of vitamin B12:

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for some vital functions of our body, mainly when it comes to the immunity and protection of our organs. Here are the main properties of vitamin B12:
It stimulates the production of red blood cells thus counteracting the risk of anemia
It is an essential nutrient in cell regeneration and cell growth, as well as in the formation of DNA and RNA, the genetic material.
As it helps in cell regeneration, it is a very important nutrient for making skin, hair and nails strong and healthy.
Helps prevent osteoporosis: a deficiency of vitamin B12 contributes to bone weakness, mainly among women.
It is important during pregnancy as it helps in the cellular and neurological development of the child.
It keeps the nervous system healthy and helps in fighting depression and stress.
Gives more energy to the body like any vitamin from group B.

How much vitamin B12 does our body need?

According to the official website Humanitas Research , the daily requirement of vitamin B12 for an adult is not particularly high: to stay healthy, our body needs about 2 - 2.4 mcg of vitamin B12 per day. A regular diet therefore allows us to easily reach this level. 

Pregnant or lactating women, on the other hand, need almost twice as much of this vitamin to be able to supply it to the fetus.

What foods are rich in vitamin B12?

The Mediterranean diet includes a good number of foods rich in vitamin B12. Therefore, for us Italians it is quite simple to take the right amount of vitamin B12 every day. 

Here is the list of the 10 foods richest in vitamin B12 - quantity in micrograms (μg) per 100g of product :
Beef / veal liver: 65 μg
Oysters: 14.5 μg
Rabbit: 10 μg
Herring: 8.5 μg
Beef meat: 5 μg
Trout: 4.5 μg
Emmenthal cheese: 3.1 μg
Camembert cheese: 3 μg
Pork: 2 μg
Chicken eggs: 1.8 μg

As you can see, the foods richest in vitamin B12 are all of animal origin - as in the case of Omega 3. And it is mainly for this reason that vegetarians and vegans must pay special attention in their diet. Fortunately, there are several plant-based options to make up for the deficiencies of vitamin B12, Omega 3 and protein. Discover them below:

Food supplement: pure foodspring vitamin B12

Most of the plant-derived vitamin B12 comes from algae, a rare ingredient in our daily diet. That's why a supplement made with 100% natural algae extract like the one produced by foodspring is one of the best options for getting the right amount of vitamin B12 every day. The recommended daily dose for an adult (maximum 2.5 micrograms) is roughly equivalent to a whole pipette. You can add the drops to your protein smoothie during breakfast, or dilute them in water or simply add them under the tongue.

Vegan foodspring sports pack

If your goal is to integrate vitamins, proteins and other nutrients into your diet, we recommend the foodspring vegan package that includes: 
1 pack of vegan shape shake - it is a protein preparation that gives energy and nourishes your body. It is ideal for a healthy protein breakfast and is made with vegetable proteins extracted from sunflower, hemp, peas and organic rice. 
1 pack of L-arginine - food supplement based on L-arginine (85%). 
1 pack of daily vitamins - vegan food supplement based on vegetable extracts, L-ascorbic acid and spirulina algae powder to give your body, in addition to proteins and vitamins, the right dose of vitamin B12.

Omega 3 vegan foodspring

Even the Omega 3 is a nutrient that is difficult to integrate into your diet for vegans and vegetarians, because it comes mainly from fish and seafood. Algae are the main alternative, but these are not so common in a daily diet. So the foodspring Omega 3 supplement can be the solution for you: it is made with 100% vegan and sustainable raw materials. 2 capsules contain 864 mg of Omega 3, 432 mg of DHA and 216 mg of EPA.

How to take the right amount of vitamin B12 if you are vegetarian or vegan?

If you are ovo-lacto-vegetarian, the right amount of vitamin B12 can easily be reached with a small dose of yogurt or eggs. Even milk and different types of cheeses, mainly the more seasoned ones, are excellent sources of vitamin B12. 

Vegans, on the other hand, can find vitamin B12 in soy-based products, fortified cereals and powdered spirulina, although in smaller quantities. You will need to pay more attention to the amounts ingested to be sure of getting enough vitamin B12. In case of deficiency, however, the symptoms are rare and to help you you can use a supplement of plant origin like pure foodspring vitamin B12 .
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