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What is the difference between Viral and Referral Marketing?

This is a subtle but important divergence. The starting point is always word of mouth, the individual and spontaneous propagation of a message from one individual to another. But the difference between viral and referral marketing concerns the dynamics that lead to propagating the verb.

In the first case, that of viral marketing, an engaging message is shared through exponential growth . In the second, that related to referral marketing, the focus is on a word of mouth related to customer satisfaction. Does this seem like a minimal difference?

What is referral marketing: definition

Perhaps you've already heard this term in other areas, for example in the field of Google Analytics. Referral marketing concerns all the promotional activities that push to increase sales through the spontaneous suggestion of the name from a satisfied customer to a potential one.

Not by chance the term itself (translation from English: referral, reference) indicates an action that allows you to send and direct to a resource. Which in this case is a product or service.

All this can be achieved in different ways, like proposing new reasons to push the individual to suggest the purchase to friends or acquaintances. For example, there are different techniquesthat offer discounts or advantageous conditions to those who bring a friend among their customers. Here is an example:

Referrals increased Dropbox signups by 60%. Dropbox makes it really easy for users to tell one another about the product; even giving them incentives. When one person who has Dropbox refers another, they both get 500MB increase, pending signup.

What is viral promotion instead?

With this technique we mean what allows you to promote a brand, thanks to visual content but not only, through word of mouth exponential and dizzying growth . Almost uncontrollable. No coincidence that the concept of viral marketing is taken up by medical jargon.

Being viral means infecting other people in a continuous and uncontrolled way. This happens when the public feels the real need to communicate (verbally, via email, on social networks) a message containing your name. Sporting highlight aspects that are difficult to predict and assess.

Examples of viral content that have made web marketing history ? One of the most famous of the last few years: the Volvo video featuring a Van Damme performing in an epic split. The ingredients of this visual storytelling that allowed the video to reach almost 93 million views? The wise union between emotion and information .

Difference between the various approaches on the web

Viral Marketing and Referral Marketing: what is the best solution? Are there two overlapping solutions? Perhaps the real distance between these approaches is the ability of viral marketing to be explosive, uncontrollable. And dependent on side actions and determinants of success.

Like the trigger and the thrust that comes from the world of influencers . Working with referral marketing, on the other hand, means cultivating a mechanism capable of feeding over time.
Viral Marketing or Referral Marketing?

It depends on the circumstances. As often happens in these cases there is no definitive answer or a preferred choice . In principle, referral marketing is obtained as an indirect result even with well-structured customer care service and customer assistance actions, while viral activities do not.

Or rather, in most cases, the focus is on viral marketing with the attempt to achieve the desired result. In other words, sharing with unexpected peaks that are difficult to predict. In the first case you can build the result with greater clarity, definition.

In the second, instead, external influences can determine more fluctuating results . Sometimes disappointing or pleasantly unexpected. Has such a solution already occurred to you?
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