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An Extraterrestrial message incorporated in terrestrial DNA?

The answer to the question " whether or not we are alone in the Universe " could be right under our nose, or, more literally, within every cell of our body.

Could our genes have a " manufacturer's mark " intelligently designed within them, written eons ago elsewhere in our Galaxy? This " signature " would be an indelible stamp of a great extraterrestrial civilization that has preceded us for many millions or billions of years. As their last legacy, they recomposed the Milky Way with their biological image.

Vladimir I. shCherbak of al-Farabi Kazakh National University of Kazakhstan, and Maxim A. Makukov of the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute, hypothesize that an intelligent signal embedded in our genetic code would be a mathematical and semantic message that cannot be explained by evolution Darwinian.

They call it " biological SETI ". They also argue that this scheme has much greater longevity and is more likely to detect ET than an extraterrestrial transient radio transmission.

Writing in the journal Icarus , they affirm: " Once fixed, the code could remain unchanged on a cosmological scale; in fact, it is the most enduring construction known. So it represents an exceptionally reliable memory for an intelligent signature. Once the genome is properly rewritten, the new code with a signature will remain frozen in the cell and its offspring, which could then be delivered through Space and Time ".

To pass the " manufacturer's mark " test , any models in the genetic code must be statistically very significant and possess rather intelligent characteristics that are incompatible with any known natural process, the study authors declare.

They argue that their detailed analysis of the human genome shows an in-depth order of precise type in the mapping between DNA nucleotides and amino acids. " Simple precautions of the code reveal a set of arithmetic and ideographic models of symbolic language ". It is stated that this includes the use of decimal notation, logical transformations, and the use of the abstract symbol of zero. " Accurate and systematic, these basic models appear as a product of logical precision and non-trivial computer science ," they assert.

This interpretation leads scientists to an unlikely conclusion: that the genetic code " seems to have been invented outside the Solar System several billion years ago ". This declaration supports the idea of ​​panspermia, the hypothesis that the Earth has been inseminated with interstellar life. It is certainly a new and courageous approach to conquer the Galaxy, if we imagine that this was a deliberate attempt by super-beings " Johnny Appleseed " ( ed. Nickname given to the scientist and theologian John Champan, due to his habit of planting seeds of apple trees ).

However, there are also other possibilities, such as that of the unusual hypothesis that the Universe we observe was built only for us and exists within a computer program (with many apologies to the Matrix film trilogy). Therefore, the idea that some programmer wrote the genetic code for life somewhere in their Universe model is consistent with what the authors suggest.

Inevitably, the hypothesis of the " biological SETI " slaps head-on with a completely antithetical idea to Science: the concept of Intelligent Design. The Intelligent Design hypothesis states that our Biology is so complex that it must have been designed by an intelligent force.

To date, Intelligent Design has been nothing but biblical creationism as sheep. Christian fundamentalists use it to push the teaching of creationism in schools as an alternative to " secular " evolution . (Which, by the way, is now fought in school systems in four American states.)

Can the assertion of an alien signature in our genetic code be more credible, or demonstrable than the Biblical Intelligent Design?

We know so little about the origin of life on Earth, which seems presumptive to identify a genetic structure that apparently challenges a natural explanation. Even the discovery of life elsewhere in the Solar System would not provide an independent test of this hypothesis. Panspermia could have occurred naturally between the planets and the moons.

And even if, ultimately, the genetic code was considered the imprint of a great extraterrestrial designer, then who designed the designer?
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