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Calum Von Moger: the new Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Calum Von Moger is one of the bodybuilding icons of the new bodybuilding. Or rather, it is an expression of the new way of doing bodybuilding in the era of social networks, where likes push you towards popularity and media exposure much faster than good old cinema could do.

Today we are going to discover this Australian bodybuilder transplanted to California to find out if he will be the true heir of Arnold Schwarzenegger , after decades of waiting.

Who is Calum Von Moger

Calum is a young bodybuilder from Australia, recently moved to Los Angeles, California, a YouTube and Instagram star . With a fine appearance, Calum was recently cast in the movie "Bigger" where he plays the role of Arnold Schwarzenegger , when "The Austrian Oak" was at the peak of his career as a bodybuilder.

Recently we saw it in " Generation Iron 2 ", a documentary film that illustrates the lives of first-rate bodybuilders. In this appearance Calum is portrayed as he prepares for a competition to reach his professional card. Despite the physical statues, his dedication to the sport does not seem to be total like most professional bodybuilders, but impressive genetic qualities are at the moment allowing him to take giant steps in the body building world .

In the film Calum explains how to be a bodybuilder and at the same time a star of the world web.

What won Calum Von Moger

Calum is only 27 years old, he was born on June 9th 1990 in Victoria, so he will have so much time to make his palmares the same as the number of followers he currently has. Let's see what are, for the moment, his placings in bodybuilding competitions (source Wikipedia ):
  • NABBA Junior International Championships, 2011, Melbourne: first place;
  • NABBA Junior Southern Hemisphere Championships, 2011, Gold Coast, Australia: third place;
  • WFF Junior Mr Universe, 2011, Baden, Austria: first place;
  • NABBA Class 1 International Championships in May 2013 in Melbourne: first place;
  • NABBA Class 1 Southern Hemisphere Championships in May 2013 in Gold Coast, Australia: third place;
  • WFF Universe - Superbody, 2013, Thessaloniki: fifth classified;
  • WFF Mr Universe, 2014, South Korea: first classified;
  • WFF Pro Mr Universe, 2015, La Ciotat, France: first place;

Why is Calum so famous?

Calum definitely has a physique that does not go unnoticed. He is tall, fat, defined, vascularized. It's a promise of the bodybuilding circuit. And an innate talent, who must find the right setting to break free. And California is certainly the best stage to be launched. The web has noticed this being big and beautiful and immediately given it popularity. The men follow him to imitate him, the women follow him because he remembers the emblem of the male.

This is why Calum competes on the web more than on stage. And he succeeds very well. The resemblance to Arnold then did the rest. A similar structure, sharp features like the Austrian. And here is the recipe for sure success!

The recent injury and biceps surgery

Calum recently starred in a video showing how he injured his biceps in a (stupid) attempt to make a barbell curl with a 400-pound companion (180 kg). The injury required a surgical operation and will force the young Australian to stay out of the gym for about 6 months. he promised he would come back stronger and more determined than before.

Where will Calum get to?

We cannot tell you if Calum Von Moger is destined to be the successor of Arnold Schwarzenegger or he will be the one who will replace Phil Heath when he decides to quit bodybuilding. Surely you will hear a lot about him in the years to come, we do not know whether for sporting merit or for a brilliant acting career.
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