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Chernobyl, a natural paradise for animals

A recent study confirms that the absence of man in the area of ​​the Chernobyl accident has allowed many animals to develop and live in peace.

The biggest nuclear accident in human history has created an area virtually uninhabited by any human being. And the consequences have been a surprising increase in local wildlife.

Chernobyl is today a natural paradise for animals that do not have to compete with the most ferocious and invasive creature on Earth : man.

Wildlife abounds in the red area of ​​Chernobyl

A recent study on saprophagous animals (animals that feed on other animals or plants in an advanced state of decomposition) also confirms this. Wildlife is very abundant in the red area of Chernobyl ( CEZ ), regardless of radioactivity levels and damage caused by them.

A one-month photographic study, conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia( United States ), led to the discovery of ten species of mammals and five of birds. A variety of wildlife had already been observed in previous studies. But this is the first time the white-tailed eagle, the American mink and the river otter have been spotted.

The so-called CEZ area ( Chernobyl Exclusion Zone ) includes over 2,500 square kilometers, abandoned by man after the dramatic Chernobyl nuclear accident . A 2015 study also provided evidence that wildlife, including gray wolves, has spread in abundance in this area .

Food exchange between water and land is more frequent than you think

Back at the study in question, the fish carcasses were placed at the edge of the open waters of the Pripyat river and in the nearby irrigation canals, imitating the natural activity that occurs when the currents carry carcasses of dead fish on the shore. The results show that 98% of fish carcasses were consumed within a week by a multitude of scavenger animals. Given that all carcasses have been consumed by terrestrial or semi-aquatic species, it is clear that the movement of nutritional resources between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems occurs more frequently than can be expected.

We tend to think that fish and other aquatic animals remain in the aquatic ecosystem. Instead, this research shows that if a reasonable proportion of dead fish comes ashore, there is a whole group of terrestrial and semi-aquatic species that transfer these aquatic nutrients into the earth's environment .

But beyond the specific results of this study, the suspicion that by the nature of our planet the presence of man is more devastating than a nuclear explosion is strengthened.
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