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Criss cross: abdominal muscles that work

The criss cross is an exercise to do on the ground for the abdominals to play without added weights. It is a classic exercise of those that we have always done during the hours of physical education, but very often it is done incorrectly. Today we try to understand how to do this exercise to get the best results in the shortest possible time!

What is criss-cross for abdominals?

Before seeing the correct way to perform this exercise for the abdominals, let's try to understand which muscles are involved. First, let us remember that the abdominal muscles are actually a single muscle, or the abdominal rectum , then surrounded by the oblique abdominals and the dentate, which is located just below the pectorals. This exercise allows you to train all the muscles we have just mentioned, as well as involving the rectus femoris because we are going to move our legs during the exercise.

Based on the consideration just made we therefore understand how the criss cross is a complete abdominal exercise, which can help anyone improve the condition of the central part of the body. If done correctly, obvious.

How to do the criss cross

To begin with we must start from a correct initial position. Then lie on your back in the ground, or upside down, place your hands behind your neck, one leg is stretched out and the other is bent at 90 degrees between your leg and thigh and between your thigh and upper body. From the starting position where to bring the elbow towards the knee of the opposite side (eg left elbow towards the right knee), and then return to the starting position and perform the movement for the opposite side. The shoulder rises in the same way that you perform the classic crunch . It is important to have a steady, non-jerky rhythm and not to make fast torso twists.

Breathing is the classic one, during the contraction one breathes out and inhales during the phase in which one returns to the ground. Be careful to keep the elbows open throughout the exercise and not to load the neck and not completely back down, but form an angle of 30-40 ° to the chest.

When to do crisscross

This exercise can be inserted in any abdominal card, it can for example replace the jackknife, another abdominal ground exercise that also involves the obliques. In spite of what it may seem, it is not a beginner's exercise, because there is a need for performance control to get the benefits expected.
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