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Does AB roller work? The test result

I think AB roller is the simplest tool you can have in your gym .. so simple that if you don't have it you can still do the same exercise using 2 dumbbells or a barbell. We have tried it for you.

Ab roller: the abdominal tool seen on TV

I've always been skeptical about the tools you see on sale (even) on TV, and I've also been skeptical about AB roller for abdominals , often because they look like prodigious things coming from NASA research. In reality very often they are always the usual exercises performed only with a new support.

In short, you are very often buying a tool spending money to do things you already do without knowing you are doing them. AB roller but I must say that all in all, also for the ridiculous at which it is sold, it is an excellent support to train the abdominals and to go to change a bit a routine that typically is among the most boring that there can be. So let's see how to do it correctly and if it really can give us the sculpted abs that we have been dreaming of for years.

AB roller: execution technique

First go and put something that protects your knees, for example a mat. In the initial position, the AB roller knobs must be in front of your eyes, arms stretched out and contracted, back in tension. At this point you have to go forward, I would say as far as you can. In the extreme position you must go for a peak contraction of at least a couple of seconds and then return to a position before the starting one, so that the abdominals are never relaxed during the execution of the movement. Work with high repetitions, series between 15 and 20. This is the correct technique for performing abdominals with AB roller.

AB roller exercises for the oblique abdominals

AB roller can also be used to train the oblique abdominals . To do this it is sufficient that the tool trajectory is not straight but curved. Certainly it will not be a fundamental exercise such as the crunch for the side abs, but it will still be able to give you an extra weapon.

AB abdominal steel roller or not?

The question that many people ask me is very simple: " AB roller does it work? ". Well .. the answer is it depends on what you mean to work. If you think like from the images on TV that in 1 month you will see your abs emerge, then the answer is NO.

We must obviously be realistic towards not only gym equipment, but also any form of training, integration and diet. AB roller works in the sense that it can produce an exercise for which the abdominals are in tension for an extended period of time. A bit like you could do with an exercise like plank . Basically this is also an isometric exercise . So if you conceive it as such, as another exercise to put in your abdominal routine, then yes, AB roller works

AB roller: the judgment of me

In this article we have seen that using AB roller ( also called Ab wheel ) to train the abdominals. This tool, also sold in the squalid nightly telesales, is a simple aid for training the abdominal rectum, which manages to extend and contract it.

I honestly would not replace this exercise with leg raises or reverse crunches which are all exercises that I consider most intense, but I use it quite often instead of the classic crunch , which is an exercise that bores me indefinitely ... I tend not to use it if I've trained also the back, because the back is in tension when you are in phase of complete stretch. To you, however, the judgment on this exercise. 

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