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Exercise Plank: isometric exercise for abs

The plank is an isometric exercise for the abdominals, a holding exercise, of concentration. If we really want to be precise this exercise is an exercise for the "core", that is for the middle part of the body. It is not just the abdominals that are affected by this exercise, but all the muscles of the central part of the body.

Today we go into the correct execution of this exercise, also helping you to include it in an abdominal training program .

Does the abdominal plank work?

It would be foolish to go and talk about an exercise of dubious utility. The plank is an exercise that works . It was no coincidence that he had already been advised by a professional in the gym world, Annalisa Ghirotti , whom we interviewed some time ago.

However, it is one of those exercises that are rarely seen in the weight rooms of the gym and much in the rooms where fitness courses or related disciplines are performed. Basically you will have to take a position in which the abdominals are subjected to intense stress and you must maintain it as much as possible. It is like a long and intense peak contraction. That's all ... we assure you, however, that those seconds you are going to perform will be endless! Maybe the theory of relativity was born while Einstein did this exercise!

The muscles involved in the plank

Usually it is not among the free body exercises for the most popular abdominals , although to be honest I really like to give the abdomen the final blow to end an intense abdominal session . The muscles that are at work when you do this isometric exercise are many:
transverse abdominals:
abdominal rectum:
abdominal abdominals ;
buttocks ;

You will understand that given the quantity and extent of the muscle groups involved it is an exercise that if performed with constancy and intensity can give you great results. Surely, we can count it among the exercises to lose weight in the gym !

How to perform the plank for the abdominals

First of all, place a mat for your abs and stretch yourself out. What you need to do is balance yourself on your forearms. Your body must be all perfectly aligned, so I advise you, if possible, to stand on the side of a mirror, where you can verify that the joints of the shoulder, pelvis and knee are all arranged on a line.

Be careful not to raise the pelvis, otherwise the abdominals will no longer be in tension and the load will be all shifted onto the buttocks. If on the contrary the pelvis will go down the abdominals will be stretched and the load will be only on the lumbar, but with a compression of the lumbar vertebrae "not indicated".

Therefore always in the correct starting position, work the whole core only if you are in the correct basic position.

How many series and how to improve the abdominals with the plank

To improve with the plank and with the core in general you have to do not very many series, let's say that at least a couple of series are fine, but you always have to increase the execution time. You must seek continuous improvement. Up to 3 minutes we say that you can not use additional weights. Beyond this threshold you can start increasing the difficulty level by using extra weights.

Abdominals sculpted with the plank

Today we saw how to perform a free body isometric exercise for the abdominals : the plank . This exercise is able to produce an intense burning on the abdominal rectum and above all puts a strain on your determination for training. In fact, only those who manage to overcome the burning threshold can improve and get results.

The first few seconds of this exercise will do no good if you are unable to overcome your limits! And how long can you resist doing planks ? Let us know. We advise you to put this exercise in your abdominal training routine, along with other fundamentals like leg raises , knee raises, crunches , reverse crunch or sit ups . Needless to say .. even the side plank must be one of the must for your abdominal training!

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