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Guide to how Googlebot processes JavaScript

Google these days has added the basics of JavaScript SEO to its guide for search developers.

The new section aims to provide beginners with an overview of how Googlebot processes JavaScript and includes general descriptions of how Google processes JavaScript and some good practices to follow to enhance the SEO of websites.

In the guide, in addition to an overview of how Googlebot crawls , renders and indexes JavaScript web applications, a whole series of basic suggestions have been provided, accompanied by links to more detailed Google resources.

Among the many suggestions the most important range from different topics such as:
  • Describe the page with titles and snippets . JavaScript allows SEOs to set or change title and meta description.
  • Write compatible code. Developers should be aware of Googlebot's API and JavaScript limitations.
  • Use significant HTTP status codes. The status codes inform Googlebot that a page has been moved, or that should not be scanned or indexed.
  • Use robot meta tags . Google states that using JavaScript to remove or modify the robot meta tag may not work as expected, explaining: "Googlebot skips JavaScript rendering and execution if the robot meta tag initially contains 'noindex'. If you want to use JavaScript to change the contents of the robot meta tag, do not set the meta tag value to 'noindex' ”.
  • Fix the images and the lazy-loaded content. Google recommends using lazy-loading to increase performance and reduce bandwidth costs.
The Google JavaScript guide is a powerful tool for developers and for all SEOs because it helps to improve the user experience and the full usability of a website.

Studying and understanding how Googlebot processes individual JavaScript-based web applications can help you make them more easily identifiable, which can increase organic visibility and bring more website traffic.
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