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Hammer curl: big arms immediately

The hammer curls with dumbbells are used to go to work on the thickness and on the separation of the brachial muscles and the outer heads of the biceps. They serve to intensively stimulate the growth of the biceps and in particular of the external part, therefore of the brachialis. Let's see how to do it correctly.

Hammer curl: arms in 3D

The curl hammer are a kind of three-dimensional exercise, in fact, not only trains the biceps to growth, but also to its "enlargement." Together with barbell curls , dumbbell curls and Scott bench curls , curl with a hammer handle ( also called a hammer curl ) is a fundamental exercise in the overall development of large, massive and defined arms. In short, if it is not part of your biceps training this is the time to start!

Running hammer curl

Here is the interesting part of our article, that is how to perform the hammer curls with dumbbells without imperfections. Follow the few, but fundamental rules we list:
  • Teffort must be concentrated on the brachialis and on the external part of the biceps muscle. To make this happen, the torso must be in a perfectly upright position or, at the limit, tilted a few degrees towards the front. Push the upper part of the arm against the side, so that the only joint involved in the movement is that of the elbow;
  • While lifting the handlebars, force yourself to feel pumping and stress in the outer area of ​​the biceps. In the upper position of the movement, perform a peak contraction and, if successful, hold it for a second;
  • During the relaxation phase slowly lower the handlebar, thus also exploiting the negative phase of the repetition, opposing the force of gravity;
  • Work one arm at a time. Working both arms at the same time, especially if you use consistent weights, would lead you to oscillate and then to take advantage of the inertia of the movement (the exercise then takes the complete and correct name of " hammer curl alternating standing").

Hammer curl biceps: a must for the arms

If you want to develop your biceps width then hammer curls are the best exercise for you. We perform this exercise not as the first exercise of an arm training card, but only in the third or fourth position. Usually we first give space to barbell or barbell curls , because they usually allow you to train a larger portion of muscle fibers .

Prioritize this exercise only if brachialis really are the least developed part of your arm.

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