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How to make the side plank correctly

The Side Plank is an isometric exercise that has oblique abdominals as the target muscle . We have repeatedly pointed out how in abdominal training we often make the mistake of going to subdivide the abdominal rectum into areas, thus having high abdominals, low abdominals and central abdominals. 

This wrong distinction probably arises for commercial reasons, to sell some type of tool or some kind of cream.

How to make the side plank correctly

The abdominal rectum is in fact a unique muscle and as such we train it. Separate speech for the side abdominals, which need one or more dedicated exercises, so as to be able to obtain, together with a targeted diet, a sharp waistline.

Today we see how to properly execute the side plank , an exercise for the core, the central part of our body, with particular focus on the lateral part of the abdomen.

In Italy, we know, we love translating everything, so even the side plank takes its name in our Italian language and becomes the " side plank ". We learned about this exercise especially in the yoga, postural gym and fitness classes . These are the classes where the “tight” exercises tend to be carried out, where maintaining a position for a certain period represents the exercise. Typically it is not the type of exercise that we see the bodybuilders do, but fortunately things are changing and more and more often we see space given to isometric exercises, especially for the core, even to those who train assiduously only with weights.

Lateral plank for oblique abdominals

The first exercise to be cleared through the halls of the weight room has certainly been the plank, also called front plank . This exercise is excellent because it involves the total muscle fibers of the abdominal rectum , but not only: buttocks, hamstrings and lumbar muscles are all activated simultaneously.

The side plank is similar. Not only do we have activation of the lateral bands of the abdomen, but also of the muscles that are found around the spine. The thigh muscles then stabilize the position.

In short .. stand still will not be so easy! But for sure it will allow you to improve core strength and stability!

Side plank exercise: how to do it correctly

In an isometric exercise the starting position is obviously of fundamental importance. In fact it is precisely this that you must maintain for the duration of the exercise. Start from the classic plank position, with the elbows resting on the ground. At this point bring the weight on one side only. If you go to the right, bring the left arm suspended in the air, as much as the line with the other arm. When your position is stable, keep it. Repeat later for the other side

Some variants

The main variations of the side plank are used to make the exercise a little more complicated. They are therefore all tricks that you can take into consideration when you manage to perform the main variant without hesitation and at least for 90 seconds (for single part, of course).

The first variant simply states that instead of resting on the elbow you are resting on the extended arm. Doesn't it seem so difficult? Try and you'll know how to laugh ..

Another possible variant is to go from isometric exercise, where that is the only contraction of the muscle to be the same exercise to raise the pelvis. In addition to this we can rotate the arm around the torso. All these tricks make the exercise dynamic and shift the focus on the abdomen.

Abdominal side planks: an exercise to do .. always!

Front and side planks are 2 isometric exercises that should always be part of your abdominal training routines, given their ability to activate muscles and the completeness with which they manage to act on the core as a whole.
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