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How to tell if a cat is male or female

Cats reproduce very easily, so it is not difficult to find in many animal shelters many newborn kittens waiting to be adopted.

Many people decide to adopt a kitten without knowing their sex, thinking that it is not an important detail and that they will be able to discover it over time. However it is not a detail to be overlooked because sex determines certain behaviors in cats, especially in the period of love.

For this reason, from Top10listverse we explain you how to understand if a cat is male or female .

Physical characteristics of a male cat

Although it may seem easy, it is sometimes difficult to determine the sex of a kitten, especially if it is very small or castrated, if it is an adult.

  • How to distinguish a male cat from a female? The genitals of the male cat are composed of anus, scrotum and penis .
  • The scrotum is covered by the hair and is recognizable because two small testicles are observed that have the dimensions of the core of a cherry in the small ones or of a whole cherry in the large ones. The protuberance must be clearly visible to the eye and to the touch. In the case of a castrated cat you will not find any testicle, of course, but you will be able to observe a kind of small bag of soft and empty skin (the scrotum).
  • The penis is in the middle of the hair above the testicles and comes out between the legs of the feline.
  • The anus and the penis are quite separate, at least 3 centimeters (1 centimeter in the case of small kittens).

Physical characteristics of a cat

  • Determining the sex of a cat is sometimes easier because fewer elements need to be identified. If you think your cat is not a boy, but you are not 100% sure, read on and find out if your cat is female. In the cat, the genitals are the anus and the vulva .
  • Anus: it is located right under the tail, very easy to recognize.
  • Vulva: the vulva is a vertical fissure. The maximum distance between anus and vulva is 1 centimeter, unlike the male cat.
As you can see, the anatomy of a cat is easier to identify and as an adult it reaches an average size.

Have you identified the sex of your cat?

If you couldn't figure out if a cat is male or female, we suggest going to the vet who will help you determine it.

Personality of a male cat

If you are thinking of taking a cat, in addition to the physical differences you will also need to know the behavioral differences.

Male cats usually have a more independent character than females and are larger. However, there may be exceptions and your male cat may be very affectionate and cuddle. Normally, they have a strong and somewhat grumpy character and do not easily trust strangers as females do.

By nature they are explorers who love to discover every corner of the house. If you have other male cats, especially at the beginning the fights will be frequent among them both to establish who dominates the territory , and to conquer a cat in heat. To avoid many problems related to territoriality, we recommend castrating the cat .

In an uncastrated cat, the sexual life will be a priority and not being able to leave the house to follow instinct can generate irritability and restlessness. In the most extreme cases, the cat can lose appetite and sleep, be aggressive and pee at home.

Personality of a cat

It is usually said that cats are more sociable, affectionate and attached to the house, but it is a common place. It is true that, in general, cats are more sociable and look for cuddles than a male cat, but there are also independent cats that love to be on the street and not at home.

The cats, as possible mothers, feel threatened by sudden changes in the environment that surrounds them because they perceive them as dangers to their safety. They defend what is theirs with strength and are very possessive towards their masters.

Many cats, even those who like to stay at home, suffer a lot when they go into heat , tend to try to escape and emit endless meows, especially at night. Although it is not a common behavior, they can pee at home and develop heat-related disorders such as cysts in the ovaries. For this reason we recommend sterilizing the cats too. This way you will avoid unwanted pregnancies, escapes or health problems. 

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In addition to knowing how to tell if a cat is male or female, in Top10listverse you will find a lot of information about how to take care of an adult cat or how its feeding should be . Keep on surfing and get to know the world of cats!

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