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Sit up: old style abdominals

The sit-ups for abdominals is probably one of the two exercises, along with the crunches for the abdominals , that they have made you do since the time of the schools, when your professor of physical education made you put down on a mat and made you come up and down while you just wanted to catch the ball to play soccer, volleyball or basketball.

So if you haven't done it for so long because you hated it for so long, now is the time to brush up on this exercise which, although not our favorite to develop the abdominal rectum, is still a valuable aid. But now we want to perform sit-ups for abdominals correctly, without jerks, without oscillations and without any of those errors that make the benefit that this simple exercise can guarantee practically nil to you.

Abdominal sit ups: execution technique

You can do this exercise either on the ground or on a bench (usually on a bench with a leg support that allows you to lock them). In the variant on the ground you have to lie down on the ground, back on the ground, spread your legs a little more than the width of your shoulders. Feet and heels always on the ground, hands behind the neck, to support him, head on the ground at the beginning of the movement. Now go up, pulling all your back off the ground.

You have to go very slowly, both in the ascending and the descending phases, inhaling when the abdomen contracts, exhaling in decontraction. The common mistakes are those of raising the feet and making tears during the execution of the movement which is not therefore fluid. The bench version eliminates the possibility of moving the legs, so one of the 2 most common mistakes is already avoided. Even on the bench the movement must be performed in a very fluid and slow manner.

The abdominals should always be performed in a very slow and controlled way, regardless of the type of exercise you perform. It is acceptable to cross your hands in front of your chest as an alternative. For the floor version you can also make the variant with the legs placed in a square or right angle. This stabilizes the trunk differently and makes the exercise a little more difficult. This is all you need to know for proper sit-ups for the abdominals .

Abdominal sit ups ... but not only ...

Certainly it will not be just this exercise that makes your abdomen a chiseled abdomen, made of abdominals sculptedby a cover. Definitely the definition diet will make this muscle visible. In addition to this, however, you will have to do other exercises, especially involving the lifting of the legs (see "complete abdominal exercise").

Lifting the legs, part of the body heavier in itself, makes the exercises definitely more complex. So off with knee raises, leg raises and abdominal bikes !

Exercise Sit Up: conclusions

Today we talked about the correct technique for performing sit-ups for abdominals , one of the first abdominal exercises that was ever invented and that is also taught at school.

The sit-up is one of those exercises that can be put into an abdominal training card as an alternative to other exercises and above all to make the training of a muscle that is self-repetitive and varied and less boring. which, frankly, a few people really like. And do you perform this exercise in your abdominal routine ?
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