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The 10 most precious stones in the world

The history of the most precious gems in the world is always full of surprises and charm, often intertwined with that of kings, emperors and wealthy businessmen. Even today, they have kept intact all their beauty, rarity and priceless value that they always leave without breath.

Nobody knows when man has discovered the first precious stones , but since the most ancient civilizations they have meant power and wealth . Some people believe that wearing can bring success in business, luck and keep bad luck away.

What is certain is that the crystals used to make the gems take millions of years to form in the rock and only a small percentage is found, extracted, cut and sold as a jewel.

The value of a gem is determined by many factors including cutting, size and brilliance. Generally, precious stones are divided into two broad categories: diamonds and colored gemstones. The rubies , the emeralds and sapphires are all classified as colored gemstones.

But here is the classic of the most expensive precious stones in the world.

1. PINK STAR ($ 1.4 million per carat)

It was called Pink Star Diamond ( also known as Steinmetz Pink), a 59.60 carat pink diamond extracted in 1999 in South Africa . A few months ago it was owned by the famous Sotheby's auction house , which bought it for 83 million dollars, the highest price I paid for any precious stone never sold. Colored diamonds are worth much more than their pale counterparts and usually pink diamonds weigh about 5 carats (12 times less than Pink Star ).

2. PAINITE (50,000-60,000 dollars per carat)

Painite, a very rare borate mineral, was discovered in 1950 in Burma and for a long time only two specimens existed. After 2002, several thousand were found, but most of them are incomplete, dark and opaque crystals. There are very few transparent crystals cut in the form of a gem and their value is invaluable. Until 2002 it was considered the rarest gem on earth.

3. MUSGRAVITE ($ 35,000 per carat)

This gem is incredibly rare and belongs to the same family as the Taaffeite. Until 2005, only eight were found. It was discovered in 1967 in southern Australia , but has recently been found in Greenland , Antarctica , Sri Lanka , Madagascar and Tanzania .

4. GIADEITE ($ 20,000 per carat)

The name of jadeite is reminiscent of semi-precious stones commonly known as Jade , but jadeite is much more precious and rare. In 1997, the Christie auction house sold a jadeite necklace for 10 million dollars and single superior quality stones can be sold for a few million per carat.

5. ALESSANDRITE ($ 12,000 per carat)

It is a very rare gem that changes color depending on the lighting: green under the sunlight and red under the light of a lamp. Some say it is an emerald by day and a ruby ​​by night. The stone was discovered in 1830 in the Urals ( Russia ) and is currently mined in Sri Lanka , Brazil and East Africa .

6. BERILLIO ROSSO ($ 10,000 per carat)

This rare gem is known by different names: bixbite , red emeraldor scarlet beryllium . The stone is so rare that one is found for every 150,000 diamonds found. The stone was discovered in Utah ( United States ) in 1904. It is known to be 1,000 times more valuable than gold.

7. BENITOITE (3,000 - 4,000 dollars per carat)

This stone was discovered along the San Benito River in California in 1907. Although some specimens have been found in Arkansas and Japan , the only commercial quality is that of San Benito County , which is why it is considered the official gem of the California . It is rarely found in formats greater than one carat. Benitoite stones over 2 carats can be sold for $ 10,000.

8. BLACK OPAL ($ 2,300 per carat)

It is a beautiful stone that comes in many different types. Medium stones do not have much value and are found all over the world, although the most precious opal stones can compete with the most expensive rubies and diamonds.

9. TAAFFEITE (1,500 - 2,500 dollars per carat)

Taaffeite is one of the rarest gems and is often mistaken for the mineral called spinel. It is almost red, purple or blue. The stone was discovered in 1945 by the Count of Taaffe , from which it took its name.

10. TANZANITE (600 - 1,000 dollars per carat)

La tanzanite è una pietra blu con una tonalità violacea e si trova solo in Tanzania. La pietra è rimasta nascosta all’uomo fino al 1967, quando alcuni pastori Masai la raccolsero vedendola scintillare sotto la luce del sole.
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