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Which car insurance to choose? And what to evaluate?

Which car insurance to choose? And what to evaluate?

There are so many company offers that it is difficult to find your way around and ask yourself which car insurance can increase confusion and uncertainty. To help you make the best choice, here are some tips and suggestions to keep in mind.

Look for car insurance: don't just stop at the price

When choosing an insurance the first item you think about is the price . How many times have you thought you were paying too much for insurance or did you ask relatives and friends how much the premium they pay to their company? But stopping to consider only the price is wrong.
As with any other purchase, you should consider the quality / price ratio, which in the case of insurance is measured considering the ratio between the premium and the services and the coverage included in the policy .

Ceiling and deductible: two values ​​to watch out for

Going beyond the price and carefully reading the conditions offered by the company can avoid you big problems in the event of an accident. In the case of car and motorcycle insurance, two values ​​to pay attention to are the ceiling and the deductible.
The ceiling  indicates the maximum amount that the insurance company compensates in the event of an accident. The minimum value of the ceiling is established by law. The latest update of 2017 sets this value at € 1.22 million for property damage and € 6.07 million for personal injury. These are minimum values ​​that companies can increase, adjusting the premiums accordingly.
A higher premium of a few tens of euros could be justified with a higher ceiling than that required by law. This means that in the event of an accident you have greater protection and the insurance will pay the damages that exceed the minimum amount, up to the agreed maximum.
Check also if there is a deductible . If there is a deductible in the insurance contract, it means that the company will not be liable for damages up to that amount. For example, if there is a deductible of 500 euros, if it causes a small accident and causes damage of 400 euros, you will have to reimburse the damaged person and not the insurance.
Pay attention to the type of deductible included in the contract. If it is a relative deductible, the insurance will reimburse the damages that exceed the amount indicated in the contract; if it is an absolute deductible , on the other hand, the insurance will only reimburse the portion of damage that exceeds the excess agreed between the parties.
In the event of damage of 1,500 euros, with a relative deductible of 500 euros the company will pay the full compensation, while with an absolute deductible of 500 euros, the company will reimburse only 1,000 euros to the injured party and the remaining 500 euros will be charged insured.

Duration of the policy: annual, temporary or suspendable?

When choosing an insurance policy, the duration of the policy must also be considered. This is another element that affects the final price. In most cases you end up choosing an annual policy, to be paid at one time or payable in installments. But there are other options to consider carefully, such as temporary and suspendable policies.
When you use a car or motorbike all year long, the annual policy is the right choice. The policies of this type protect the owner without any time constraint. Many companies allow their customers to pay the annual policy in installments , often every six months.
Don't confuse things: the vehicle is always covered for the whole year, only the payment is split up. If you choose the installment payment keep in mind that you will have to pay a little more because the company will apply an interest.
If you need a car or motorcycle for a limited period of time, the annual policy is probably not convenient. In these cases it checks the offers of the various companies for temporary and suspendable policies.
The temporary policy offers insurance coverage for a limited period of time, for example for a semester, a quarter or a month. In the case of suspendable policies , instead, the insurance coverage is annual, but the insured may decide to suspend it during periods of inactivity of the vehicle.
The policies that can be suspended are chosen above all by motorcyclists, so that I can have active insurance only in the periods in which they actually circulate on the road on two wheels.

Five tips to find the cheapest car insurance

After considering the most important aspects of the policy, here are five tips to find the cheapest car or motorcycle insurance and to find the most suitable offer for yourself.

Ask for free quotes

The most effective way to find the best insurance for you is to request a quote from various companies . Starting from the data of the car and the driver, you will have in hand a precise estimate of the costs that you will have to sustain.
Ask for more than a quote, to traditional companies and online companies. The 6sicuro comparator simplifies your work and compares the rates of various insurance companies for you. You will immediately have a free and detailed quote that will help you choose the best insurance.

Compare the different insurances

With the estimates at hand it will be easy to identify the company that makes the proposal more convenient . Once again, we remind you not to dwell only on the price but to consider all the insurance conditions.

Keep your needs in mind

The choice of insurance depends a lot on your specific needs. We have already mentioned the temporary use of the vehicle , but it is not the only aspect to consider.
If the car is driven by one person, for example, it may be convenient to choose the exclusive driving option . This way you could cut the price a little without giving up coverage. Another element to consider concerns the mileage : if you use little, the car checks if the company offers a limited mileage option.

Check the bonuses offered by the companies

The bonuses offered by insurance companies often save more. Check if there are agreementsbetween your employer and an insurance company, for example. Or check if there are companies that offer discounts and benefits reserved for new customers. 
To attract new customers, the companies apply discounts on the prize or offer free packages that would normally be paid.
Those who choose to install a black box on board the vehicle can recognize an additional discount, in addition to the one they are entitled to by law.

Don't forget ancillary guarantees

A really convenient policy is the one that offers you exactly the guarantees you need at the right price. So remember to include one or more additional guarantees in your RC car or RC motorcycle policy.
With a small increase in the premium you can protect yourself, for example, in the event of theft and fire or damage to the driver . Often the Kasko option is also chosen , to obtain total protection even in the event of damage caused by accidents with the driver's fault and the option that guarantees free roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Do you have other suggestions to suggest about the choice of insurance? Write them in the comments.
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