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Will a golden asteroid make us all billionaires?

The interest in the mystery of the origins of the universe takes second place before an asteroid full of gold, iron and nickel. Who will be able to get their hands on so much wealth?

He's going to get so much gold on him that we won't know where to put it. It will be carried by 16 Psyche , an asteroid that will settle between Mars and Jupiter and has enough metals with it to make every single person on planet Earth more than trillionary.

Will a golden asteroid make us all billionaires?

If there is anything in the space that is tempting to all mining exploration companies, that's 16 Psyche . This is a recent discovery, which has highlighted the incredible amounts of gold, iron and nickel contained in this asteroid.

Now, it's about going to touch the results of the discovery. Exactly what NASA , the American aerospace agency, intends to do starting in 2022.

The big gold companies , which are known in the sector as Titans of Gold , control hundreds of the best gold deposits on Earth . But the 4 or 5 million ounces of gold they sell each year are a joke compared to the resources available in space. Therefore, in the decades to come, the Titans of Gold will have to fly into space, away from the Earth .
The gold rush of the twenty-first century

But can we really think we can get our hands on gold in space?

Of course, it all depends on two key factors: economic feasibility and advances in space technology. According to Professor John Zarnecki , president of the Royal Astronomical Society ( UK ), it would take about 25 years to start doing some tests and 50 years to start commercial production.

But there are those who think that the challenge of the race to the golden asteroid is an opportunity that will lead to an amount of astronomical money in the pockets of those who will be so bold to try. Once the necessary infrastructure is in place, the extraction of gold in space becomes only a matter of time.

The asteroid mining market

However unexpected, there is already a global market for mining from asteroids. Allied Market Research estimates that this market will exceed $ 3.8 billion by 2025.

Space missions, both current and those planned for the future, are growing. Moreover, investments in space extraction technologies are also increasing .

According to Morgan Stanley , the global space economy is worth 350 billion dollars today but by 2040 it will be worth 2.7 billion dollars. The asteroid 16 Psyche is not the only rich gold mine wandering in space. There is also a small asteroid 200 meters long, full of platinum, which could be worth no less than 30 billion dollars.

Whoever comes first on these asteroids will become the new King Midas of the universe. The race has already started ...
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