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Lung cancer, the test to know if you are at risk

Lung cancer, the test to know if you are at risk

The lung cancer in Italy is the leading cause of cancer death in men and the third in women, almost 34 thousand deaths a year. So far only 1 to 1.5% of patients have been diagnosed at a very early stage. From today the big killer is less afraid thanks to the bio MILD study of the National Cancer Institute of Milan which has led to two revolutionary results . 

The first explains that the risk of lung cancer is not the same for all heavy smokers(the most important risk factor is smoking). And for the first time a personalized screening was identified for early diagnosis for heavy smokers. This is the low-dose thoracic spiral CT (LDCT) and a blood microRNA test , two tests that, in combination, can change the fate of heavy smokers and high-risk individuals.

The research represents a turning point because it undermines the idea that it is not possible to make an early diagnosis of lung cancer. On the contrary, it proves that it is possible to establish in advance who is more likely to develop the disease and to define the schedule of controls and preventive measures.

The study was supported by the Airc Foundationfor cancer research and was presented at the 20th World Conference of the International Association for the Study of Lung Center (IASLC) in Barcelona. BioMILD was conducted on about 4,000 people, enrolled at the beginning of 2013. 70% of the participants were heavy smokers - that is consumers on average of a pack of cigarettes per day for 30 years - with an age over 55 years . The remaining 30% included volunteers in the 50-55 age group, 30 cigarettes a day, always for at least 30 years. All were subjected to the LDCT-miRNA test combination, performed by simply taking a blood sample. MiRNAs are very small molecules, very specific, which are released early by the organ attacked by the disease and the immune system.

The results were significant: 58% of participants tested negative for both controls and were classified as having a low risk of lung cancer, while 37% were positive for one of the two tests (medium risk) and the remaining 5% had both positive values ​​with a much higher risk of getting sick. "The study allows us to form the basis for the initiation of control programs aimed at the early diagnosis of lung cancer and represents a turning point that opens the way to an advanced screening methodology for heavy smokers not yet planned," he explains. Giovanni Apolone, Scientific Director of the National Cancer Institute of Milan (Int). «With the study MILD (Multicenter Italian Lung Detection), published this

Ugo Pastorino, Director of the Int Thoracic Surgery Complex and of the authors of the study, spoke of the path that patients can follow in the Institute: « The first step is to stop smoking: it has in fact been ascertained that with the cessation it is possible to obtain a reduction of up to 50% of the mortality due to lung cancer ". «The results of the MILD and bioMILD studies are the scientific basis of the SMILE program, just started in the Institute: the only one in Italy that allows the adoption of a series of actions simultaneously with the cessation of smoking. Combination of cardioaspirin and cytisine which, together with physical activity and proper nutrition, allow the values ​​of C-reactive protein in the blood to be reduced, an important marker of chronic inflammation associated with a high risk of mortality from lung cancer ".

The Smile Program is open to all : it is sufficient to be between 55 and 75 years old and to be currently heavy smokers or ex-smokers for less than ten years.
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